We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Business Case Development

You don't change for the sake of change. You change because something is 'off'.  The complexity of today's business data can be tricky to interpret. Use our hands-on experience to build the case for change. 

Strategic Planning

Operating and maintaining technical assets just after commissioning differs significantly from it's midlife or late-life phase. We help you define and support the transition from phase to phase. 

Planning and Scheduling

Strategies are meaningless without enabling actions for execution of related work. We help to ensure adequate preparation and integrated scheduling of all identified work as the key condition for flawless execution of work. 

Work Management

Performing the right work at the right time, at the right place, with the right people, under the right conditions. Safe, efficient and effective. Easier said then done. With our expertise we can help increase control over the work portfolio and get it right.

Master Data Management

From Asset-register to required skill-set. Managing master-data for capital assets has no secrets for us. Let us help you out.

Leadership, Supervision and Specialist training

Avoid the pitfalls in operating and maintaining capital intensive technical assets. Our training and coaching will guide you through the maze.


Let's discuss. So many topics in operations and maintenance deserve to be re-invented.......

Cautious while dedicated. Process improvement made transparent. That is our goal!

From brown-paper exercise, through process design and implementation towards results delivery. We cover it all!


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